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The GIMC is a program of the Georgia Department of Education, Division for Special Education. We provide, or assist in the acquisition of, textbooks and core instructional materials in accessible formats for special education students who are blind or have a physical, or specified print related disability, and are served in Georgia's public schools. The GIMC also registers legally blind students, in both public and private schools, with the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) and administers the APH federal quota funds. Our goal is to promote academic achievement and literacy by providing the right book at the right time.

Important Dates:

APH registration of legally blind student:

Registration is Now Closed

Registration packets were mailed on January 3.

Deadlines for Ordering Accessible Instructional Materials

Order AIMs prior to the date the student requires them as indicated below:

  • Braille: No later than 16 weeks prior to the date the student will need the book.*
  • Large Print: No later than 10 weeks prior to the date the student will need the book.
  • Digital formats: No later than 8 weeks prior to the date the student will need the book.

The 2015-16 textbook adoption is:
No Adoption This Year - Science Delayed One Year

*Braille requests for new adoptions and other books that will have to be transcribed must be placed no later than 20 weeks prior to the date the student will need the book.

APH has compiled a list of products that might be useful for students in different programs. Click Here for the APH List

Please click the icon below for information on the PALM initiative.

PALM icon with the text Purchase Accessible Learning Materials 


Patron Login

This is the login page for registered patrons of the GIMC to order large print and braille textbooks and APH materials. You can also register new students and update existing ones.

This is also the place to check on past orders and to see when books are due back at the GIMC.
You can order APH materials online using the APH catalog number. Faxed orders will no longer be accepted.

AIM Resources

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) are materials that are available in specialized formats for students who are blind or other print disabled and are unable to access or read standard print instructional materials. This page is your resource for information on the how and where to obtain large print, braille, and digital format textbooks for qualified students. AIM links and forms can also be accessed from this page. You will also find a page of Frequently ask Questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Policy and Procedures

This page has links to the general policies and procedures of the GIMC. This includes policies on registering students, patrons, provision of large print, braille textbooks, and digital format textbooks, and the procedures that will help you obtain the materials you need for your student. You will also find a page of Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) and their answers.

V.I. Links and Forms

This page is a source of links and forms of specific interest to the teachers of the visually impaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

GIMC/AIM Brochure

Flowchart on Obtaining AIMs in Georgia


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