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This page contains answers to common questions received from school personnel and others.


I am new to Georgia, how do I access materials at the GIMC?

The GIMC provides textbooks and APH materials to registered students by loaning them to GIMC patrons. Special Education Directors, Vision Coordinators, Vision Teachers, 504 coordinators, or other designated persons can register as GIMC patrons. Students must have a qualifying print related disability and a documented need for accessible instructional materials to be registered with the GIMC. Student registration can be done by patrons of the GIMC when they login. Please call the GIMC for information on becoming a registered patron.

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Does the GIMC provide accessible books to students with a 504 plan?

The provision of large print books for a student with a 504 plan is the LEA's responsibility. A 504 student can be registered with the GIMC but only books that are not currently being used by students in special education can be provided. Other than APH funds for legally blind students, the GIMC is totally funded by federal special education monies. We cannot use these funds to purchase books or provide services (beyond loaning available books) to students that are not in special education. Historically only about 1/4 of requested books are not being used by another student and would available to loan a student with a 504 plan. For the remainder, the LEA will either have to purchase them from a large print producer or pay to have them enlarged. If a student with a 504 plan is legally blind and registered with the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) the GIMC can purchase and provide APH materials and accessible books using APH federal quota funds. Please please call the GIMC if you need more clarification.

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Does the GIMC provide a second set of accessible textbooks for a student?

The provision of accessible instructional materials is the LEA’s responsibility. The Georgia Department of Education, through the GIMC, has taken on the responsibility of assisting the LEAs with the provision of a first set of AIMs but does not provide a second set. Please contact the GIMC if you need assistance in locating sources for purchasing accessible textbooks using local funds.


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Why does it take so long to get some Braille books?

If the GIMC already has the book, it will usually ship within 2 days of receiving the request. If the GIMC does not have the book, but it has already been transcribed, the GIMC will research a source and order it. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks because once a source has been located the book still has to be embossed and bound. Braille books that have not been previously transcribed will take anywhere from 6 months to a year. This is the time it takes to find somebody to transcribe the textbook, and the time to actually transcribe, emboss, and bind the book.

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What items will the GIMC repair?

The GIMC will repair equipment that is on loan from the depository. These are items that have a GIMC bar-code label. You can download and complete a Equipment Repair Form and mail it and the item packed securely and marked Fragile and Free Matter for the Blind. If you have any questions regarding an equipment repair, contact Wayne Burley.

If you have a Brailler that does not belong to the GIMC, your school system can use a company on the Braille Writer Repair List.

If you have a item from APH that does not belong to the GIMC, contact us to  discuss options for repair.

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 What textbooks are adopted each year?

The following list is provided by the Textbook Office of the Georgia Department of Education: State Textbook Adoption Cycle

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Why did I get an overdue notice on a book that I ordered early in the year for the next school year? The due date was before it even shipped.

Books that were ordered very early in the year show up with a due date of that June. Because volumes may ship throughout the year, the due date is based on the original date the book was ordered, not the date it was shipped. The system has no way to know if it is for that school year or the next. I apologize for the glitch. We will try to catch these in the future and change the due date manually. If we miss one, please just call us to renew the book.  I apologize for the problem and thank you for helping us keep our inventory updated.

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Does the GIMC provide older versions of books?

The GIMC does not have sufficient space or funding to store or purchase older textbooks. Generally textbooks that are older than the last 2 state textbook recommendation cycles for a given subject are purged and the title is made inactive. On average the state recommends books for a subject every 6 years. For example, if Social Studies textbooks were recommended 5 years ago the GIMC will provide those and the previously recommended books from 11 years ago. If the LEA wants an older copyright textbook in an accessible format the GIMC will provide them with information to order a copy using local funds. The GIMC does not purge older copyrights of novels and certain "classic" reference materials.

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