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On this page you will find the definitions and links to definitions of acronyms and words that you will run across when working with Accessible Instructional Materials. Please tell us if you have another word or phrase that you would like added to the list.




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AIM Accessible Instructional Material

Accessible Instructional Materials are materials that are available in specialized formats for students who are blind or other print disabled and are unable to access or read standard print instructional materials.  


Specialized formats has the meaning given the term in section 121(d)(4) of title 17, United States Code:

(A)     Braille, audio, or digital text which is exclusively for use by blind or other persons with disabilities.

(B)     With respect to print instructional materials, includes large print formats when such materials are distributed exclusively for use by blind or other persons with disabilities.

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  AMP Accessible Media Producer

          This is an individual or an organization that produces Accessible Instructional Materials.

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APH American Printing House for the Blind

  •  APH produces braille, large print, and materials for blind and visually impaired students.

  • APH annually registers all legally blind students in the U.S. and administers federal quota funds to be used for these students.

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AU Authorized User

          Only AUs can download or assign NIMAS files from the NIMAC.

          In Georgia the AU is Jim Downs at the Georgia Instructional Materials Center.

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Chaffee Amendment

Exemption from copyright for certain accessible format as applied to a specific eligibility group

          Essentially this exempts the production of braille and specialized audio formats books and large print textbooks from copyright law.

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DAISY Digital Accessible Information SYstem

          This is a widely used and highly accessible standard for digital talking books.

          Depending on the producer of the file a DAISY book may contain:

          Digital text with synthesized speech this allows a wide range of accessibility and navigation features.

          Recorded audio with limited navigation.

          A combination of synchronized digital text and recorded audio.

          Images may be displayed within the text, as hyperlinks in the text, or not included at all.

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GIMC Georgia Instructional Materials Center

          The GIMC is a program of the Georgia Department of Education, Division for Special Education Supports. We provide textbooks and core instructional materials in accessible formats, as well as APH materials, to public school students who are blind or visually impaired.

           In addition we serve students who have a physical or specified reading disability by assisting in the acquisition or creation of other appropriate accessible textbook formats.

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NIMAC National Instructional Materials Access Center

          The national repository of NIMAS file sets that is maintained by the American Printing House for the Blind. You can get more information about the NIMAC at

          These files can be downloaded or assigned to an AMP only by an Authorized User.

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NIMAS National Instructional Materials Standard

          This is a file set that contains the information and mark-up language that is used in the creation of user ready DAISY, Braille, and some large print textbooks and core instructional materials.

          This is not an end user file and it can only be provided to an approved accessible media producer.

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NLS National Library Services for the Blind of the Library of Congress

          NLS is a source of DAISY leisure books and is available to any person that meets the definition of legally blind or physically handicapped. You can get more information at

          The NLS definitions are the basis of the definitions used in the Chaffee Amendment and the IDEA. You view the eligibility criteria and definitions at

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XML Extensible Mark up Language

          This is the basis of the NIMAS file set.

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Future Use

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